Monday, February 9, 2015

3-D Modeling Concepts, round I

For spring I'm taking two courses at Bucks again, 3-D Modeling Concepts and Foundry, since Professor Mathews of the 3D Arts department told me that many foundries are making use of digital prototyping.  I haven't produced anything for Foundry yet although I have my first wax in progress.  The first three assignments for Design were a "temple," a sledgehammer and a crowbar.

Slight customizations:  The multiple tones and finishes are a departure from the overall "blinn" finish and "sand" color the instructional calls for.  The spire and altar are also both mine.  These are nothing once you get the basic processes down.  The server indicates that a classmate of mine named McCall created a very elaborate piece of architecture for his or her final.

Closeup of the altar.

For the sledgehammer, I went with a lighter tan for the handle, as I'm accustomed to seeing in modern hardware stores, likewise the polished steel faces.  No physical customization.

The crowbar, or prybar as the instructional calls it.  No customization.  It was tricky enough to get right in the first place.

Something went wrong with the curved tip.  Both the "front" and "back" faces should extend to the edge; instead, the "front" face above (relative to us) sinks in and actually protrudes a tiny bit in wireframe view.  I'm not sure how to correct it yet..

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  1. The course has a lot of reading and terms to be learned, something I personally find difficult. Thankfully, the instructionals spoon-feed you everything, so it's not easy to screw up the assignments, and I'm assured there are no exams. So, despite being something of a technophobe, I might stand a chance of passing.